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Perhaps Luther’s greatest achievement was to make the scriptures

accessible to the laity.  What we’ve done with that knowledge well…..

We’ll leave that discussion to another day.  I assert, without much

fear of contradiction, that knowledge is better than ignorance.  Our

record is mixed when we think for ourselves.  It is abysmal when we

let others think for us.

With that in mind I wish to launch a Bible study blog as part of

our New 95 Theses work.  It will likely follow what we are discussing

in our Bible study at University UCC.  Over the years we have

developed a set of customs and unwritten rules.  I will introduce

these “axioms” as we go along.  Once readers become familiar with

how our community functions the blog can become more

participatory.  It will be open to other submissions based on the

needs of the participants.

I have not seen another site that offers what we intend

to offer here.   The justice advocacy aspect of the website is open to

compromise in order to achieve a broader vision.  I intend for the blog

to remain true to a specific theological vision.  There are many other

forums for Bible study with differing theological visions.  If readers

are uncomfortable with our approach there are other options.

The Bible is big. Our time is limited. That makes familiarity and

thorough knowledge a daunting task.  Our experience at UC UCC

demonstrates that persistence and engagement with a community

will be rewarded.  You will develop a broader and deeper knowledge

and what’s more a confidence in your own interpretations.

I assert that there is an individual right to exegesis.  The

scholars know more than we do because they have worked harder.

Nonetheless, our interpretations can be just as valid and our insight

just as informative in some cases.  Almost every week in Bible study

a fellow member, who makes no claim to scholarship, makes a

brilliant insight that “lays open” a segment of scripture.  In our first

installment you will see what we came up with when we tackled the

parable of the dishonest steward.

Rockwell Moulton


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